Gluten freedom ahead!

With the fast-approaching launch of Sam Pears’s celiac-friendly website, you may notice ¬†an increase in the frequency of gluten-free recipes here over the next few weeks. (NB: Sam is editor of Britain magazine, she’s well-acquainted with London’s city beekeepers and is also lover of the renowned establishment of the north, Betty’s.)

While these recipes will obviously be tailored to the gluten-intolerant, if you have no problem with the substance, I reckon some of them will still be mighty tasty and worth a go. If, however, you’re missing some of the specialist flours, feel free to play around with the recipes and substitute your regular varieties as necessary.

Good luck and enjoy!

And so it begins…

I am regularly amazed by the elegantly simple dishes of my friends, I am defenceless against the aroma of freshly baked bread, and there are few things I enjoy more than navigating market stalls on a crisp winter morning, with a cup of steaming coffee in my hands, to weigh up whatever rustically dirty carrots and wine-soaked cheese the vendors have on offer.

In this blog I will attempt to recreate the culinary genius of others, to share some favourites of my own, and, ultimately, to share whatever great food has inspired me.