Bircher muesli

Bircher muesli

Bircher muesliI started having bircher muesli for breakfast a couple of years ago, and since then it’s become my go-to breakfast of choice. It’s fresh, makes an aggressive start at tackling your 5-a-day, and keeps you going for a whole lot longer than your average bowl of cereal. The recipe below is very flexible too, so you can modify it to include whatever’s gracing your shelves.

This recipe is for one serving. If I’m planning on having it for breakfast every day, I’ll sometimes make a large batch of the ‘night before’ mixture and then just take what I need each morning.


What you’ll need

30g oats (I prefer whole rolled oats)
15g dried fruit (think raisins, chopped apricots or cranberries)
50g apple juice
35g milk
Sprinkle of cinnamon or dried ginger

What to do

Combine in a bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.


What you’ll need

1 small apple, grated
1/2 pot (about 60ml) yogurt
Chopped fruit and nuts of your choice

What to do

Take your oat mixture from the fridge and stir in the grated apple and yogurt. Top with any fruit and nuts you have handy and enjoy!

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